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Class of 2025 Senior Grants

We wish all of our future graduating seniors success upon the completion of high school. 

The 2024-25 school year brings about a change as to how we will give back to our graduating seniors: every graduating senior whose family is a member of the PTSO by December 31, 2024 is eligible to apply for a Senior Grant. The PTSO acknowledges that college is not the next step for some graduates.  Whether headed straight into the workforce, going to college, attending a trade school, joining the military, or any of the limitless options available upon graduation, every 2025 graduate is eligible to apply.   

Senior Grants Available
$1,000 (1)
$750 (1)
$500 (2)
Randomly selected applicants:
$250 sponsored by Legacy Planning Advisors (1)
$100 (4)
Application Deadline: March 31st, 2025

* Scholarship information will be emailed to the student email on file during the first or second week of January 2025. 

* Student or student's family must be a member of the Denmark PTSO by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2024 to be eligible

* Winners will receive their scholarship at Denmark High School's Senior Awards Night.

* A list of winners will be posted on this website after the DHS Senior Awards Night.

* Contact Leandrea Voskanian at with questions

Congratulations to our 
Class of 2024 Grant Winners!


Scores Based

McKenzie Souder $1,000

Christy Eapen $750

Emma Hempker $500

Natalie Voskanian $500

Class of 2023 scholarship winners

Scores Based
$1000 - Elizabeth Guy
$750 - Suzette du Toit
$500 - Rachel Hicks
$500 - Karly

$250 Legacy Planning Advisors Random Winner
$250 - Ian Kruchten

$100 x 4 Randomly Selected
$100 - Delaney Urquhart-Foster
$100 - Leanna Jones
$100 - Mallory Bryk
$100 - David Bolt

Class of 2022 scholarship winners

$1,000 - Delaney Bourg
$750 - Hanna McNamara
$500 -Kylie Earnhardt
$500 -Hallie McDaniel

Class of 2021 scholarship winners

$1,000 -Maddie Davies

$750 -Shelby Mauldin

$500 -Anna Hicks

$500 -Emma Davies

Class of 2020 scholarship winners

$1,000 -Zachary Bourg

$750 -William Powell

$500 -Ethan Smith

$250 -Sarah Wilson

$250 -Emily Armstrong

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